Take twice daily
at a cost of
less than your
morning coffee!

600g tub of Ark1 - £59.95
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The Product

What is ARK 1?

Ark 1 is an L-arginine rich dietary supplement. It comes in powder form and mixes easily with water to produce a convenient and easy to use drink, to be taken prior to your training and racing.

Arginine is an Amino Acid that converts to a gas molecule Nitric Oxide. Discoveries relating to Nitric Oxide won three Scientists the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

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Why Should I take it?

Leading Scientists and Performance Nutritionists have been amazed at the impact of this product on athletes of all abilities.

The published research revealed three major points:

1. The total ATP turnover rate was significantly reduced following the dietary supplementation. These data suggest that the improved exercise efficiency afforded by a nitrate-rich supplement might be consequent to a reduced ATP cost of force production.

What does this mean for me?

Quite simply you will be able to complete the same workload with less energy demands.

2. The reduced O2 slow component amplitude observed in the study following the Ark 1 supplementation, would be expected to spare the utilization of the anaerobic reserves and the accumulation of metabolites related to the fatigue process leading to improved exercise tolerance.

Lose the geeky scientific terminology please!

You will increase your resistance to fatigue by delaying the onset of lactate accumulation.

3. While the precise mechanisms responsible for the improvement in exercise ficiency and tolerance remain to be elucidated, they likely involve both an increased muscle O2 supply and direct effects of NO on muscle contractile efficiency and/or mitochondrial function.

How will this benefit me?

You will run/cycle faster for longer…. What more could you ask for!

What about the quality of the product?

Ark-1 is pharmaceutically graded and 100% free of additives, binders, fillers, dyes or other unknown substances.

At the Ark 1 manufacturing facilities in the United States, the total quality management program exceeds all US government regulations and strictly adheres to FDA Pharmaceutical standards of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

The pharmaceutical grading promotes the bio-availability of the product; it is the rapid absorption that makes our high performance arginine so effective for athletes.

Thousands of sports nutrition products exist in the market; very few are supported by independent and robust scientific research.

ARK 1 is also amongst a small percentage of dietary supplements that have been passed fit for use in elite sports by HFL Sport Science, the gold standard test for professional athletes concerned about contamination and banned substances.

We obviously suggest that if you are currently under the care of a physician to consult the physician prior to using the product.

How do I purchase?

ARK 1 is only available for sale through licensed distributors; you will not find this specialist product in your local sports shop or supermarket!

It is recommended to be taken 2 times daily (at a cost of less than your morning coffee!), in conjunction with a well balanced diet and fits easily into the busy lifestyle so many of us lead.

Professional athletes and for orders outside of the UK please contact us prior to ordering.