Take twice daily
at a cost of
less than your
morning coffee!

600g tub of Ark1 - £59.95
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The Science

What is the Science Behind this amazing product?

ARK 1 has been developed by leading scientists, positively trialed in independent clinical investigations and is now being used by professional sports men and women.

Recent research, published on-line by one of the worlds foremost Scientific Publications the Journal of Applied Physiology, found taking the supplement:

- Improves severe-intensity exercise endurance by a staggering 20%
- Reduces the oxygen cost of exercise

For a more in depth understanding of the dynamics of Nitric Oxide Synthesis in a report from the formulator of ARK 1 click here.

Is Ark 1 just for use in Sports?

Absolutely not!

Whilst this recent research has revealed amazing improvements in exercise endurance, the potential to impact on health and wellbeing is equally impressive.

Arginine has also been reported to help with; heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, injury, long term memory, energy, many other circulatory and cardiovascular problems and much, much more..

Dr Harry Elwardt reveals more about the health benefits in the following report, click here.